Sunday, October 3, 2010

A We Day Weekend

Where to start? It's been an amazing, exhausting, fantastic few days.

Thursday was We Day - the Free the Children's bonanza of inspiration with world class speakers, funky musicians, and enough youthful energy to power the planet. My excitement had been building for weeks; I couldn't wait to reunite with some of our Kenyan trip friends and after some scheduling, we figured out how to share Megz. I had her with us for three nights and, in a nutshell, I don't have a voice left!

Kenyan travel mates: Denise, Me and Megz at We Day
I could go on endlessly about the experience of attending We Day with 20,000 hyped, crazy-motivated school aged kids committed to changing the world; but simply put - it was yet another beaded jewel of inspiration on my string of life shifting episodes.

What a dream to see the "gang" again so soon after our trip. Kidlet and I were thrilled when we spotted Jackson and Wilson in full warrior garb in the hallway at We Day. Their smiles sparkled in the crush of eager fans waiting to hug them. They greeted everyone by name and when I asked them how they could remember everyone's name, they said, "it's easy, because we know them".

Wilson, Kidlet and Jackson working the room.
We wrapped up We Day with an evening reception and a chance to see our warriors in their fancy dress up clothes. In the midst of celebrities and big wigs they were definitely the toast of the town; we managed to squeeze a little alone time with them to catch up and get their impressions of our country and culture. Their joy was contagious and they had Kidlet and I in stitches with their recount of going up the CN Tower and standing on the glass floor - amongst all of their other adventures. I am impressed with their adaptability; these young men had never travelled outside of their country let alone on a plane. Yet they were dropped into a completely foreign culture and immediately immersed into doing TV media, public speaking and participating in all sorts of fundraising and social events -- like seasoned pros.

Megz and I walked the streets of my little town and the big city and over a steady stream of wine, tea and coffee we talked; we reflected; we brainstormed and we reveled in the enjoyment of our time together. We reconnected with Denise and Laura from our trip and for a few hours we were reminded of what made it so special.

The weekend was full to overflowing and I admit I am a little tired and hoarse. I am also full and content. Lucky me.

P.S. Last summer as we worked on the school in the Mara we taught Jackson the Waving Flag song. Now, two months later, he was backstage with the actual artist who performs it. He told us that he sang his version for K'naan, who closed the show. You just have to watch this and be prepared to be blown away.  K'naan: Waving Flag


  1. Hi Lyn! I have been offline for way too long.. I loved catching up on your reunion with the Kenyan friends, and particularly the 2 warriors! Strange to think of your days becoming darker.. we are heading straight for summer, with hot-hot-hot days! have a wonderful week :)

  2. I am so glad you had such a good time and got to see your friends again! From what I can see in the pictures everyone was having fun!

  3. So awesome, Lyn! The video gave me chills. Keep the inspiration going!


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