Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Something's up! I have retired my love for salty potato chips (wahhh), sweets (save the odd Twizzler), loaded up on green food and veggies, and hit the gym three times a week. Yup - I'm sticking to the plan - keeping the commitment.

Here's the snag. I haven't lost an inch or pound. I may even be up one or two. But I'm not buying it! The scale belies the fact that it takes me less time to run my 2 miles at lunch; that I can run for longer stretches without becoming breathless and that I see a shadow of a bicep when I flex. The waistline is still MIA. It's obvious the measuring tape is conspiring with the weigh scales to throw me off my path.

But you should know - it's not going to work. You're holding out on me but I know that one day when I step onto you, the needle will waiver, quiver and slowly slide ... down towards my goal weight.

So I'm sewing the buttons back on my pants and lacing up the runners. Is that success I can smell?


  1. Hang in there Sis....try changing up the routine a little bit!!! That seems to work best .... More weights....and focus on the larger muscles that reuire more energy to burn!!! Keep up the great work...your body thanks you!!!

  2. I have COMPLETE FAITH that you will succeed and totally beat the 'conspiracy theory ' .. one way or another ;-)


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