Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Droplets of Happy

I love sorting through a stack of mail only to find - in the middle of the pack lodged in between the menu from the new Thai restaurant and the Canadian Tire flyer - my first Christmas cards of the season. Thank you Aunt J and MIH! In this age of instantaneous communication and electronic wonders, there is a warm comfort in the tactile experience of oh so carefully ripping opening the envelopes to get to the festive, sparkly Christmas cards with handwritten, warm and loving sentiments.

Can't beat snail mail, and it sure beats the bills.


  1. I got my first one too! I was so excited. I'm usually really on top of my cards but have gotten a little side-tracked these days. I'll get mine out though - I love Christmas card season!

  2. Got mine too! Christmas cards like Birthday cards ar a joy to receive in my book.
    Like Kattrina mine need writing pronto.


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