Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well Hello Winter!

Okay - I heard you the first time. You left a smattering of snow on our lawn to announce your arrival. Apparently you thought I didn't get the memo, so you knocked a little louder. It was darn chilly this morning when I slipped into my car and planted my backside on a frozen slab thank goodness for seat warmers. Minus 13 Celsius.  Fitting for this time of year, no? And with virtually every community outside of the bubble of three that hug our lake, having been buried with the white stuff, we have been spared. Our area remains an insulating oasis of calm and order amidst heaps and banks of snow, school and business closures and icy roads.

While others cosied up in their homes and kids romped with glee over yet another "snow day", my fellow citizens soldiered on to work and school every day, not missing a beat nor lifting a shovel. Hubby is thrilled about that but I not-so-secretly want the white stuff.

So Madame Winter -- just in case you felt slighted upon your first arrival, let me extend a hearty welcome. I'd hug you if I could. Now - if you could manage it - maybe just a glistening coat for Christmas?


  1. That type of cold would send me right back home! Although it was 19*F when I got in my car this morning - too chilly I tell you!

  2. All around us areas were lambasted with snow! Here? Nothing!Not an inch!


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