Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Our Regular Programming

It feels like Sunday night. Tomorrow I go back to work after a nice chunk of time off. It's not going to be easy to leave the cosy of my down duvet at 5:30 am, morning sky black as ink, winter chill still in the air before the furnace kicks on. I developed some bad habits over the holidays, such as sleeping in until after 8 am, lounging around in my PJs for the morning pausing only to putter. Reality is going to smack me in the face.

My dad and the ladies head back to Florida tomorrow. I always dread this goodbye ... I won't see them until May after this. It was great having them around again -- driving by their place every night after work and seeing the glow of the soft yellow light in their front window. We squeezed lots of good visits in - dinners, debates and wine. We even managed an early birthday famjam for my Dad. With each passing year I appreciate my dad even more.I am grateful to still have a parent in my life. My friend at work lost her father suddenly just before Christmas. The passing of my mom 13 years ago left a void and made me value every moment I have with my dad that much more.

So the interlude from regular programming is officially over and life tomorrow begins again. It was awfully nice while it lasted.


  1. I'm back in reality after a lovely week in Vermont and when my alarm went off at 4:52am I was NOT happy. However, I slipped back into the routine fairly easily and it seems like my vacation was months ago. Oh how the holidays fly by! Hope you had a great break and that 2011 is amazing!

  2. Walking the dog at 6.30am in the dark, not good.
    But getting back to work felt good as it's almost the first time in a couple of weeks I've been out, I've had such a foul virus.
    So like you normality felt good!


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