Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coming and Going

Winter obviously didn't get the memo ... we barely had a flake of snow during the Christmas holidays or even the entire month of  December and today, the first day back to work, the early morning was draped in a light blanket of the white stuff. Hence "Let it snow, let it snow ..." was lodged in my brain all day, replaying over and over. The audacity! If we couldn't have snow for Christmas, I sure as heck am not interested now!

I drove by my Dad's place this morning; the house was still dark at 6:30 am. I honked loudly - as is the custom - and couldn't help but feel just a little melancholy thinking about them leaving today. I really don't deal well with goodbyes.

So as the snow arrived, the snowbirds once again took flight and by now are probably toasting poolside, marvelling at their good fortune to be out of the cold. Cheers! I am missing you already ...

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  1. We had tons of snow at Christmas and it's just now melting off (thank goodness!). Kyle assures me it's only the beginning of a very cold winter, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bit more warmth anyhow. I'm thinking your dad has the right idea heading south... I wish it were an option for us too!

    Oh well. At least it's pretty. :)


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