Saturday, January 22, 2011

Laundry Room Intervention

It was overdue. In the 23 years that I have lived in my home, the laundry room remained untouched, its dingy yellowed walls grew even dingier, and the lime green mottled linoleum flooring is now pulling away from the baseboards. So last week my washer finally seized (after about a year's forewarning) full of sopping clothes and soapy water (of course!). I figured it was a decorating intervention courtesy of the universe. So I accepted the challenge.

Today's goals: Organize, toss, and empty room of appliances, critters, critter droppings and all other contents. Evict spiders, scrub walls and floors and find a place to hang the sopping, mouldy laundry. Buy paint and new flooring.

I am happy to report that ALL my goals were met. Oh sure we have a 200+ pound washer lodged outside by the front door and a dryer in our entrance hall as well as two full bags of single socks whose mates are in sock heaven (or wherever socks go when they don't return from battle). But I was rewarded with  $2.17 in coins scavenged from the scene of the crime. All in all it was a productive, profitable day!

Tomorrow's goals: paint the walls from dirty yellow to a whiter shade of pale and ready room for new appliances that are coming at the end of the week. Hubby will lay the floor next week. I have my eye on the prize but let's face it, it's going to getting uglier and messier before it gets pretty. But I really can't wait.


  1. Love the 'sock heaven' scenario. Yup, got to have a 'little pain' before there's 'lots of gain'. Well done on accomplishing your daily goal and good luck on the race to the finish. I'm sure you'll win this one. After all, you're already $2.17 ahead!

  2. This sounds incredibly virtuous!! It's taken me 2 days to catch up on all your posts I've missed.. always great to be back!

  3. We just cleaned and painted two upstairs rooms that we hadn't touched in 10 years, and it was very satisfying, to say the least! Good luck and have fun!


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