Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wrap Up!

It's winding down now. I can feel it and the signs are everywhere ... I dread the dismantling of Christmas. I find no joy in stripping the tree and returning the treasured ornaments to the safety of their weathered packaging. Where are the kids now???

The Christmas stockings look a little sad drooping from the fireplace mantel, - devoid of treats. And the tree stands barren without anything underneath it.  This would be a good day to procrastinate - however I will resist the urge. I will toss the stale ginger cookies and week old scones into our green bin, gather every shred of used wrapping and bows and relieve the staircase banister of its garland. I will unhook, roll up, repack, take down and store away Christmas for another year.

It was a good Christmas season. I am full and satiated, with enough in me to comfortably sustain me for the rest of the winter! For now -- it's a wrap!

Here are some shots from my post Christmas walk about ...


  1. haha, i like the way you put it Lynn, i'll be doing much the same this rainy sunday. only i kind of like tucking everything away in it's place. it gets me in the mood to do a little rearranging and cleaning out (of my home).
    have fun today!
    xo lori

  2. Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to growing our friendship in this new year. wishing you love, peace and happiness. one love.

    need a reason to keep your decorations up longer - celebrate Ethiopian christmas (jan 7) ;)


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