Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Kiss

Please - no tongues!
You are nineteen today so officially, a Kidlet no more. I suppose you are happy about that, and eager to finally be a grown up. But then again, you always were an old soul. When you were an infant I spent hours gazing into those chocolate pudding eyes as I held you in my arms, sharing tales of my day and the dreams of my life, knowing that my secrets were safe with you.

You made us laugh with your permanent grin and mischievous ways; how you squealed "running!" when I told you we were going to the library. And run you did - up and down every aisle, diving through empty shelves giggling as I gave chase, shushing you and dodging dirty looks.

You were determined not to need me ... except when you got sick. Otherwise, you burst boldly forward, doing it yourself, on your own. I can do it all by myself. 

You have taught me much my dear Kidlet. You reminded me that sometimes the best help we can offer our kids is trust in that they will choose wisely. You have given me more joy than anyone deserves .... or maybe the joy that I wish everyone could have. We have shared dreams and lived them and in spite of my motherly reminders of what a slob you are, being your Mama has been my most important and rewarding accomplishment ever.

Today as you topple into full on adulthood, I send you this birthday kiss ... and wishes that you continue to create the beautiful life you want to live. And I wish you love.

-- Mama

Birthday kisses also to my far away sister and godson who both have birthdays today. Muah!


  1. Great photo, and memories of the little kidlet-that-was!

    I smiled at you having to paint over the scribbled memories on the laundry wall. I would have felt exactly the same, but at least you took photos, and life goes on!

  2. happy birthday sweet girl! and mama!
    i kissed that same giraffe at the center in nairobi. lovely lovely creatures they are.

    oh! happy birthday to your sister and godson too!


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