Monday, February 14, 2011

Say it!

These three words are so simple but oh so very powerful. They can warm a heart, make a day, trigger a smile, light up a face, and bind you for life. We probably don't say the words as often as we think them but the impact they leave is more permanent than the sand they may be written in.

My wish today is that you all have someone to say I love you to  --- or someone to hear those words from. Say it aloud, and often. It's good for the soul and people gotta know! 

Love, Lyn xx oo


  1. Yes Lynn, we all love you soooo much & we're sure you know it. But, we should express it more often. Have a happy day with your Valentine!!
    I love you!!! Theresa May

  2. and i love you too.

    thinking of you, always. one love.

  3. I said and heard the words on Sunday before my son wemt away. I'll say them and hear them today when my son gets back from Rome.
    But Monday was a day to look after myself inside my house and be happy with myself.And that was fine.

  4. Hope your Valentine's Day was special. Although it's an often over-rated and cheesy holiday, I still love what it stands for - in Honduras they celebrate Day of Love and Friendship and so I've kinda adopted that philosophy - it's much nicer!

  5. Thanks for sharing and spreading the love, Lyn. xo


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