Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cupcake Follies

I can cook, but I am not what you would call a baker. I have flirted with with flour, butter and eggs but my expertise is somewhat limited; case in point, my birthday cakes have been coined "avalanche cakes" [definition: cake that breaks upon spontaneously, with little or no coaxing]. But I thought the upcoming bridal tea I am throwing my sis-in-law was the perfect opportunity for me to get reacquainted with my muffin tins.

My enthusiasm was unbridled as I darted about the kitchen pulling eggs, milk and butter out of the fridge, scooping flour and greasing pans. I was on a mission to  make a few dozen mini cupcakes that I could freeze for now and then frost in a few weeks for the tea. I had never made mini cupcakes and I wish I'd have read the recipe with my cheaters. I ended up with a huge bowl of batter and you would think that the worst was over ... but really, the challenge had just begun. How to get the batter into those itty bitty mini cups? I tried several techniques: little spoon with little spoon to catch the drips; big spoon with little spoon to catch; and batter dripped from the measuring cup with my fingers to stop the slop. What a mess! Brought new meaning to "finger licking good". I was concerned that after I had filled the 24 mini cups with batter I still had a lots left (despite that which was spent on the counter, the spatula, the spoon collection, my fingers, and nose). I went back over each little cup and filled it up to the brim, even though the recipe called for two thirds full. What other choice did I have? I could only lick so much batter ...

My daughter pointed out that the recipe called for 24 regular sized cupcakes. My unaided eyes saw "petite" and just assumed that it had said 24 mini cakes. Cr@p! Let's just say once it baked, there was "spillage". All in all, I think I salvaged enough of the chocolatey treasures for the tea and I am standing by my mantra that "frosting can cure all". I have licked enough baking implements to last a lifetime and I had a bit of a clean up on my hands but I had alot of fun. This first "date" was just to get acquainted and the next time around, I just know I won't be as intimidated. There's no way 24 mini, petite, itty bitty cupcakes are going to defeat me -- now excuse me -- there are defects to eat!


  1. Lyn..Who eats cupcakes at a shower?They actually looked good and with the sugar on top WELL..edible.Polar Bear

  2. DIH,
    Nothing yummier than overflowing BIG chocolate cupcakes in TINY shells. LOL -- It's all GOOD and can't wait to help devour ..

  3. This made me laugh - always a good thing! I think they look great and with a little wine ... :)


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