Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give a Little

Courtesy of CAI
It's Thursday and that means it's time to give a little to a cause that will help make a difference by promoting sustainability. Last year I sat with a few hundred other people at the city’s central library and was completely captivated by a giant of a gentle soul named Greg Mortenson. He is best known as the author of Three Cups of Tea. I was so smitten that I blogged about it, of course. With a backdrop of blazing images of smiling Afghan children and wizened elders, Greg lured us into his world to cultivate peace by helping to bring education and self sustainability to remote regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. He snagged us hook, line and sinker.

This week I will donate to Central Asia Institute (CAI). As co-founder of CAI, Greg Mortenson has learned that sustainable and successful development can only occur when projects are entirely initiated, implemented and managed by local communities. I like that CAI works to empower the local people through their own initiative, and supports their will. CAI has established over 170 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, providing education to over 68,000 students, with an emphasis on girls’ education. It hasn't been easy but Greg refuses to be defeated by the impossible terrain and geographical and cultural challenges. He has dedicated his life to making education accessible, bringing possibilities to people who would otherwise not have any.
$20 educates an Afghan student for a year; I usually give these donations as gifts. Today I am pledging $10 ... just a little. I know the return on investment will be anything but.

BONUS: This week my friend over at WhippetSnippets gave me the kind of birthday present that keeps on giving. She gave me a $20 gift card to Global Giving. I donated to Heal Africa to help survivors of rape and gender violence in the Congo.
My Give a Little Challenge 
I emerge from my haze of of procrastination, clear, inspired, and ready to act. Give a Little has inspired me to do just that ... give a little, every week. Every Thursday I will seek out an organization or cause that strives to make a lasting impact or sustainable change and donate $5.00. I will be counting on my blogger community for suggestions! You can read about the other projects that have inspired me to give a little.

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I have to give ongoing props to Wendy Smith for her inspiring book, Give a Little. Give it a read.

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