Friday, March 11, 2011

Shake Up

I can't post today without mention of the catastrophic earthquake in Japan and the tsunamis that followed. The images were surreal; ships, cars, and burning houses riding a wave of mud and debris that raced across the landscape carving a wake of devastation.

Today the earth shook, shifted and rumbled roared its discontent - and continued to do so for the remainder of the day. Mother Earth is ticked and she let us know it.  Thousands have perished and countless more are homeless, injured and traumatized. Today the worlds of countless souls also shifted and are forever changed.

I don't try to make sense of that which is beyond reason, over that which I have no control. But I seek the lessons; the gifts. Horrific as they are, we need these events of monumental magnitude. We need these opportunities to assist and give, to discover the highest good in humankind, to be grateful and to be reminded that citizenship on the planet is a privilege.

I can only imagine what the people of Japan and other nations touched by this tragedy are going through ... and my heart, love and prayers go out to them. For now, I responded in the only way I can; I donated to the Red Cross.


  1. You are such an incredible person Lyn. Your generosity is endless.

    We spent the day in anxious anticipation, the west coast of california was issued tsunami warnings and we live at sea level only 2 blocks from the sea. We were lucky, having a warning and then only small surges happened here. (northern california had damage). But it brought all of us together again, my kids who are all living away now, to make emergency plans. And to feel blessed that we still have each other.
    My prayers are with Japan, so SO tragic.

  2. yup, the red cross got my donation today too :)

  3. Oh How sympathetic person you are I like your post and also you.You are a very kind person that you post a great topic and you think a lot about Japan`s tsunamis victims.
    Thank you for your post.


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