Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summoning My Inner Domestic Goddess

It's been a while since my last post; I just haven't been in the groove lately. I can't decide if I have been just tired, or uninspired. But there's nothing to kick start the creative juices like an afternoon puttering around doing household chores and hanging in the kitchen chopping, mixing, stirring and making delicious food.

A few weeks ago I started on a laundry room make over to go along with our new appliances. I painted, hubby put a new floor in, we refinished a re-purposed cabinet and reworked the closet space. We still have to deal with the grungy, paint splattered laundry sink and add storage and a counter top but with the changes we've already made, the room has already taken on a fresh feeling. Laundry is a pleasure!

After a trip to the grocery store I came home and called on my inner domestic goddess. The split pea soup I was making for my daughter was a first for me. From the first moment I pulled out the fresh cilantro and assembled the fresh vegetables for the soup I could feel my mood lighten. Therapeutic scrubbing and chopping and culinary aromatherapy was just what the day ordered. I substituted peal meal bacon for the ham called for in the recipe, and I forgot to remove it from the pot before I pureed the soup. The idea is to partially puree the soup and then add the meat back in for body. The result is tasty but looks more like "cream" split pea soup. Oh well ... I can't muster even a shred of disappointment. 

I still get a faint wisp of cilantro every time my hair moves and the residue of onion and garlic remains on my hands despite the numerous hand washings ... souvenirs of my earthy day in the kitchen. It was good to see my inner domestic goddess again. It's been a while. 

It's been a good day; a peaceful one. I am ready and eager to face my week head on. And for that, I am truly grateful. Is that my washer chiming?


  1. Welcome back! The soup sounds awesome :)

  2. funny I always say I hate cooking, but yet sometimes my most peaceful, reflective moments are standing at the stove listening to music stirring whatever meal I am preparing

  3. I would say, 'you're back in the groove' and your humble audience thanks you. The gorgeous photos capture our attention and your eloquent words solidify the day's story. (And don't you love those chimes?)


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