Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Morning Walkabout

Despite the fact that I stayed up until 10:30 PM local time (1:30 AM my time), I was wide awake and bushy tailed (what the heck does that even mean??) at 5:30 AM. I opened the drapes in my room and watched the sky over the water slowly turn to murky blue gray spiked with rods of fuchsia. I watched the sea planes take off in orderly succession and the birds that mimicked them.

After 45 minutes, I was done with killing time. The hair was bundled into a knot on top of my head, the face was washed clean (freaking scary -- but excellent safety insurance) and I was out the door, camera in hand.

This city is exploding with all things "spring" and naturally beautiful. The magnolias and cherry blossoms hang in full bloom and the air is sweetened with their fragrance. I followed the sea wall, stopping often, breathing deeply enjoying just being. Was is it about boats that lures me in?

Here are some shots from my early morning walkabout.


  1. thanks for taking me along on your walkabout.

    love the reflection shot and the bird ;). hope you are well. one love.

  2. How lovely Lyn! I love the word walkabout.

  3. It isnice to go with you andpass by your page. let us visite each other from time to time.

    Nezar Alnadi
    Cairo -Egypt
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  4. yes wecan share many things

    Nezar Alnadi

    blog: wind of freedom


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