Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jet Lag

I am perched in a hotel room with corner windows to majestic mountain views and to the yachts lining the seawall. The clock says it is just after 9 pm but my body knows differently and begs for slumber. I am out on the coast for work, but for now, it is a time to regroup and rest.

I squeezed in an hour's walk when I arrived this evening to get my blood pumping after the 5 hour flight. The city was vibrating - a bustling collage of smokey spice, neon signs and colour. I've never seen such a variety of cuisines - Indian, Thai, Japanese, French, Italian and even Mongolian BBQ - within a four block radius. Still full from my souvlaki lunch, I opted for a steaming cup of tea as a take along for the rest of my walk. The sun settled low in the sky quickly so I made my way back to the hotel post haste and ordered up some tasty wireless Internet.

A hot shower awaits and then some much needed sleep in the heavenly bed. There are two so I think I will alternate each night -- just because I can.

Night, night -- sleep tight!


  1. Hi Lyn. amazing views from your hotel! Hope you used both beds as planned!! Great when a work trip can also be fun. Where exactly are you?

    I enjoyed reading all about the bridal shower, earlier - well done! and hope the 93 year old lady came through the hospital experience OK?

  2. Vancouver is a beautiful city and, you're right, the surrounding mountains and lakes are awesome. I love the bed hopping statement 'just cause you can' .... Safe travels and see you back home REAL SOON


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