Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Medical Detour

I am thinking about a lively, sweet 93 year old who is testing the American healthcare system tonight and sampling the hospitality and service of the facilities. Oddly enough, she can probably count the number of days on her hand that she has spent in a hospital.

I am hoping that she feels secure and unafraid and that she slumbers soundly; that she won't be poked or prodded and disturbed by lights and nocturnal checks. I am hoping they will soon present her with a  meal (from the hospital galley) that is befitting a queen. Even more importantly, I hope she could keep it down!

This remarkable woman has spent most of her life completely healthy and she is unacquainted with disease and medical discomfort. To one of my routine "how are you doing" greetings she replied, "Oh not too good. My knee is really bothering me". I smiled; 93 and she is bewildered that her knee was giving her trouble. Heck, I  think my knees give me more trouble ...

So I am sending her pink healing light and wishes for a speedy recovery. I know she will be wanting to get home to a good cup of King Cole tea, and maybe even a date square or two.

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  1. Sending positive vibes and strength to sweet Doris and family...


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