Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reason to Believe

Notice "peaceful retreat - someday" in the middle of the list
I have always felt that the things I write about in my blog, come from the deepest part of myself. My posts are like notes to myself … what I love; what I think; what I need; how I feel; and what I wish. I was reading through some older posts served up by the widget at the bottom of the page, and I found it – proof positive of the adage “you think and it shall be”.

I have had a dream rolling around in the back alleys of my mind for as long as I can remember. I articulated it in a post from Aug 12, 2008:
These days I feel a strong compulsion to live on a rural piece of land, living a sustainable life in a green home, growing our own food, raising chickens for eggs and goats for milk -- never mind the cute factor! I want to create the kind of home that cultivates an airy peaceful existence.
I found a post in which I included an old wrinkled "wish" list, (see above) with the peaceful retreat listed. That list was from the 90's.

I wrote in March 20, 2010:
I find myself fantasizing about life amongst tall pines with a lullaby of waves hitting the shoreline. I plan how I will spend my imaginary win fall - the land I would buy; the sustainable abode I would build; the goats I would nurture.
And even though I have no reason to expect that I would have money to fund such dreams, my faith and confidence is unshakable. I know that if I internalize this dream, think creatively, and set sail in the general direction, the dream will materialize into reality. I just don't know when -- but I can't wait!
It’s true what I wrote – I had no extra money and no reason to believe that this dream could come true. That being said, I continued to “look” at lakefront property listings and fully internalize the vision. Then the perfect rustic cottage on the lake that hubby spent his childhood on popped into my IN BOX. I wrote this post in May 25, 2011:
Dreaming ... there is something magical and exciting about wanting something so much you can taste it, and being in hot pursuit. That's hubby and I right now. The planets are aligning - we are of one heart and mind - and it is taking us where we want to go. We used to flirt with the idea of having a peaceful retreat ... I say flirt because it didn't seem practical or doable at the time. But experience has taught me that if you paint a clear picture, plant that seed of a dream deep in the belly of desire, hold faith in your heart, all things are possible - in their own time.
Some people caution me to not get my hopes up, or get too excited just in case things don't work out. But I beg to differ. If the journey is the destination, then I  e n j o y  every leg of the journey ... the outcome is the icing on the cake.
And in June 4, 2010
NOTHING comes close; it's the absolute best, living your dream. And if you are lucky INTENT, the life you have created is your dream.
That's me now. Living in the present. Living large with big dreams. Casting off baggage of fear and limitation, with only an INFINITE horizon of possibility in my sights.
And finally on June 23,2010:
Hubby and I signed off at the lawyers and take possession Friday. I can say with all honesty that I have never had a dream unfulfilled ... and by the time I return from Kenya in July, I will have the list fully checked off. Of course I will start a new one, but hey, for a few minutes, I'll bask in utter contentment and gratitude. Lucky me; lucky us. So today, the earth moved under my feet - in so many ways....
So my wish for you is that you dream with wild abandon; without pragmatic editing, and that you articulate and share those dreams with people you care about. Be fearless. Be bold. Enjoy the "what ifs", the anticipation and the journey.  It works.


  1. Wow, this is sooooo encouraging and inspiring to read. Like you, I see my blog as a combination scrapbook/diary of where I've been and dream board of where I hope to go (and hopefully will go, as you have!)

  2. good morning lyn. :) I come here today with my heart wide-open and find the most beautiful and synchronous post awaiting me. You are a gift of spirit to me, even though we've never met in physical terms (and perhaps someday we will), I have certainly found in you a kindred spirit on my own journey. Thank you for your boldness and fearlessness. It does indeed work!

  3. beautiful words and thoughts Lyn. I am with you on this. Life is good.

  4. It's so very true, Lyn. And it does me good to read and remember!

    Loved the early morning walkabout last post!

  5. . Thank you for your boldness and fearlessness. It does indeed work!


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