Monday, May 16, 2011

Change Is Gonna Come

The words of the Sam Cooke anthem blasted in my ears as I ran on the treadmill -- "I know a change is gonna come oh yes it will". As the rhythmic pounding of my feet on the rubber ramp lulled me into deep contemplation, I thought about how life is served up in stages of change, adjustment and stabilization. Right now the winds of change are blowing, barreling  through... I can feel the earth tilting, shifting, for me and those whom I love.

Our grand lady Doris is transitioning from my Dad and T's place to assisted independent living. Nothing final yet, however the process is underway. My daughter put the bow on the job she enjoyed but felt was limiting her, and parked it to pursue her dreams. Kidlet just got home from university, then Italy and now is leaving for the Caribbean for a 3 week mission trip. The luggage hasn't cleared the front hallway for weeks and the laundry is still MIA. My sis-in-law just got married and we are settling into a new family rhythm on that front. At my office we got new leadership and change is atmospheric there too. To add yet another layer of excitement to the change brew, my Pops is having  a very serious surgery in a month to revitalize him and ensure his mobility so he is in prep mode (making like a navy seal plotting to overthrow the enemy). And of course there's the whole dance with middle age that delivers up daily surprises -- most of which is NOT covered in any of those self help books, so I won't even touch on these relentless power surges that are plaguing empowering me. (Yes I want some cheese with my whine!)

I know that for some, change can be a source of uncertainty and cause anxiety. However despite any misgivings I may have, the excitement of possibility always eclipses the fear. Change agitates and stimulates. It swirls and surrounds and leaves you breathless - but exhilarated. Change makes life interesting and even more so when it is embraced. So I am going to put my arms around it and give it a big ol' hug. Cause life is about to get very interesting ...

Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change.
- Brian Tracy

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