Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Weekend

It was the first long weekend of our summer season. Who cares if it poured buckets and that the paths at our cottage were a veritable mud fest. Who cares if four adults and two dogs (who barely tolerate each other) were sequestered in a 750 sq ft cabin without cable TV? It was a long weekend ... three days in which thoughts of our jobs and our busy minds were silenced by the music of the forest and the lapping of the lake. Here is the weekend in pictures ...

Bunkie make over

Sun came out long enough for a canoe ride.


  1. What an adorable cottage! It's about the size of our apartment - (750sq). I hope to one day have a small cottage on a lake or in the mountains, what a wonderful way to pass the time. Hope you have many happy weekends there this summer!

  2. Kattrina - the pictures are of the bunkie that my daughter uses; our cottage has 2 small bedrooms and a fireplace. Cute but still functional. Didn't want to give you the impression we spent the weekend in one small room!

  3. Happy pics of a great start to the upcoming and long-awaited summer .. whenever it decides to arrive ...


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