Sunday, May 29, 2011


I seem to have misplaced my memory; you haven't seen it, have you? I'm not sure when it went missing ... for obvious reasons, but  it was fairly long and vivid, covering approximately 49 years. But it's the short term version that I miss the most ...

My list of mishaps is growing. Last week I awoke with a start, glanced over at the over-sized glowing numbers on the clock radio only to find that I was already running 6 minutes late. I am on the job by 7:30 AM so I get an early start to my day. I bolted into the shower and lathered with the shampoo suds. I managed to pull it altogether and get out the door on time. I pick my daughter up on the way and after waiting for almost 10 minutes out front,  I called her.

HER: (groggy and confused) Mom?
ME: Where are you? I've been waiting for 10 minutes.
HER: (Panicked) What time is it?
ME: (glancing down at my radio clock) It's 5:35.
HER: MOM! What are you doing? 
ME: (Annoyed) I'm waiting!
HER: Mom -- look. What time is it?
ME: 5:35!
HER: Go home Mom. Eat some breakfast.You pick me up at 6:30. 
ME: (in complete disbelief) Cr@p! What the... ??

It all made sense ... I had noticed that it was darker than usual and that there weren't any cars on road. Geesh. "Embarrassed" doesn't even begin to cover it!

Then tonight as I sat watching the last 15 minutes of The Voice, I could hear water running - what I thought was hubby filling our swimming pool (he was opening it today). When I heard hubby yell that the tap in the kitchen was running (thank goodness for the overflow valve) it jarred me back into reality. I had started the dishes and while I was waiting for the sink to  fill with hot soapy water, I stepped out of the kitchen to watch one of the singers perform. All recollections of the activity that I had been fully engaged in just 5 minutes prior - were MIA. Double geesh.

Lately I am drawing alot of blanks, dropping lots of details, losing my word retrieval skills and all in all - missing my memory. Am I losing my mind? Women who have travelled this path are quick to reassure and comfort -- it'll come back.  Cripes, I hope so or label me nuts!

So for now, I am flying without a net - and short term memory! The upside is that I can re-watch movies and enjoy them like it's the first time. : )


  1. Oh yes the menapause madness that no-one tells you about. Either cause they haven't got there yet or they've forgotten about!
    What was my name again?

  2. Hi Lyn
    I sure know that feeling - glad to know I am not alone!!!


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