Monday, May 30, 2011

Nearly Summer

Summer must be near.
The heavens have cried themselves dry and the sun has appeared. Today the temperatures soared and I drove with my windows down. The pool is opened and the bleeding heart is heavy with fuscia hearts.
Summer must be near; it must be nearly here.
Things are blooming, the air is sweet and the lilacs are quickly wilting. The grass is growing - so are the weeds - and as soon as it's cut - it needs it again. The fridge is stocked with watermelon, strawberries and corn on the cob. 
I'd say is summer is almost here.
Socks give way to barefeet and sandals, and long sleeves to bare arms. Sunscreen is slathered, insect repellent sprayed (sparingly and only in desperation) and sunglasses perched upon pink noses. Dogs parade their owners, the jingle of the ice cream truck is heard regularly and the aroma of grilling meat tempts the senses. I drove through the car wash, singing hits from the 70's and then opened my sun roof wide. 
Summer is here - there's no mistake - it's really, truly, absolutely here.
Summer tastes like fresh berries.
Cottage bound!

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing, i hope you have a wonderful time at the cottage!


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