Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Surrender

It's all rolling around in there: shiny shrapnel shreds of memories, reminders, opinions, worries, questions, desires, disappointments, and hopes. My mind is a congested, overpopulated, uber-active, busy place these days.

Life is funny like that ... feast or famine; times when things are firing on all fronts and you are torn in a dozen directions, stretched to the limit - and then lulls that take you to the banks of boredom. Admittedly, some times those lulls are much needed respite, welcomed with open arms, but they are rare.

I am getting really good at surrendering to that over which I cannot control, or which I have no time to tackle. I am just doing my very best, taking the time to enjoy every moment and making people my priority. The garden will have to wait as will the trip to the dump, the basement organizing, the laundry room and the weeds poking through the patio stones. I am opting for a weekend at the cottage, cocooned in the peaceful greenery of our lakeside retreat. It's not a difficult choice.

Off to bed to coax quiet into a sleepy head and to surrender to a restful night's sleep please.

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