Friday, July 29, 2011

Mastering the Art of Relaxation

The forecast called for thunderstorms last night and today. Not a drop of rain fell; in fact, quite the contrary - the weather was absolutely perfect. This week spent at the cottage has truly been a gift (a huge contrast to the rainy, cold week we spent here last September). The days have been lazy (for me – not as much for hubby who spent a few days in plumbing/repair hell), with many hours spent gazing up at fluffy clouds until they resemble the profile of an old man, or the African continent.

I had almost forgotten the art of daydreaming. I can remember as a child spending endless hours on my back in the grass with my sisters or cousins just staring up at the sky. We were content in the silence which would only be broken when someone spotted “something” in the clouds. Our imaginations were finely tuned and sparked with boundless possibilities. We built stories around the imagery … and in between, we closed our eyes to feel the summer breezes flutter on our eyelids and the sun warm our faces.

That was me on the dock today. I laid back, breathing deeply, aware of every breath and gazed upwards. When the notion took me, I closed my eyes to really hear everything around me: the falcon’s babies shrilled from their nest; the chipmunks clucked and broke branches as they scampered through the forest and the motor of a boat whined in the distance. My senses were heightened and my mind was clear.

I suppose that is what it means to truly relax, to be in the moment. It is an act of loosening, letting go and letting in. I think this vacation stuff is working its magic. I am immersed in nature and bliss – and for that I am truly grateful.

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