Thursday, July 7, 2011


I usually give one succinct honk as I drive pass my Dad's place at 6:25 in the morning - just to perturb their neighbours let them know I am thinking about them.

For the last two days their garage door has been open with my Pops seated on the front stoop reading the paper; a warm and welcomed sight. This morning I noticed him in time to swing the car into his driveway and jump out to give him a morning hug. Ever so brief as it was, it was a dose of comfort for both of us. This time I was careful not to through my arms around his waist and squeeze his healing back incision like I did the other night.

I can see that since his horrific near death experience last week he has a renewed appreciation for life. He told me he has been getting up to watch the sunrises - that they have been beautiful.

So in the grand scheme of things there have been gifts for all us. We have been reminded of that which we already know - that we cannot bank on tomorrow; that all we know for certain is that we have this moment, this day to enjoy and love the people who "make" our lives. We are reminded that something as simple as a sunrise is a glorious beacon signalling the arrival of the gift of a brand new day, in which all things are possible.


  1. Hi Lyn. I have been away for so long I didn't know about your dad's dramas - so very pleased to hear that he's much better now! What a terrible shock for you though..

    You are in the batch of people that haven't even been sent a postcard yet - I am so baaaad! But am busy doing them this weekend! Always great to hear from you, hope you have a lovely weekend!


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