Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colour Me Autumn

Colour is creeping up stems and trunks filling leaves with blazing glory -- one last stand before they wither and drop. Fall officially arrived last Friday, but the signs have been evident for the past few weeks. The trees are not yet half turned but it will happen quickly now. There will only be a few more weeks to enjoy the foliage. It's a transition season; the glorious burst of colour somehow making it easier to let go of our beloved summer, easing us into what we know is to come -- bitter cold and snow.

Every fall I remember why I love this time of year. The air takes on a smokey, woodsy smell as the cool nights get fireplaces ablazing; the Macintosh apples ripen hard and sour (the official taste of autumn); and the dried leaves crunch underfoot as we walk in the forest. Doesn't get more Canadian than that!

I am trying to enjoy the season, as fleeting as it. I picked up coloured gourds to make a centrepiece for the table. I bought some acorn squash to bake;  some leeks to make potato leek soup; and a bag of Macs for apple crisp. So glad I learned to like my vegetables.

Despite weather forecasts predicting rain and misery, the weekend was stellar -- more blue skies, and warm but crisp fresh air.  I spent some time with my newly engaged daughter, saw the youngest momentarily as she   stopped off to sleep at home one right en route to other festivities and spoke to the other one on the phone. We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving; we will be lighter in number this year but the turkey dinner goes on as scheduled. 

Good feelings and thoughts swirled around me all weekend ... and I even got a free turkey in the grocery store promo. Prosperity and abundance abounds here and I can only be filled with gratitude. For at this very moment, in countless corners of the world, and even in my own country, people are hungry and suffering, clinging to hope. These will be my thoughts and remembrances as I am moved to act; to share.

There will be more pics to share as autumn presents in all her glory - but for now, I am sharing the first signs of what is to come ...
Our maple leaf -- and now you know why it's on our flag!


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