Monday, October 24, 2011

My Clan is Bigger Than Your Clan

On Friday night the tribes will converge, merge and hopefully not purge -- I am cooking, after all! We are hosting the first - of what is sure to be many - wedding tradition: the "meet the parents" dinner. Harmony will have her mom (ME) and three dads (each of them very nice, but I have my favourite) and her sisters to prop her up if she overdoes the sparkling water and rice crackers. Her beloved Hubby-in-waiting will have his mom and step-dad and father in his corner. hmm, seems a little tilted to the bride's side.

I have promised to be on my best behaviour; no inappropriate jokes relating to sex, religion, age, gender, speech impediments or appearances -- hair, the lack thereof, or the quality of makeshift solutions. I will refrain from retelling any frightful tales related to Harmony's birth how many stitches I had or about her father making a quick stop to grab a submarine sandwich on the way to the hospital while I laboured gracefully between short, rapid breaths. It didn't stop me from rolling down the window and calling after him to "grab me an "assorted". I'll be hungry later". And I was. And I gobbled it up within minutes of delivering her. But I digress ... see the problem?

Getting back to the blessed event ... the Friday night dinner I am throwing; the roasted squash and apple soup is made and nesting comfortably in the freezer, and the menu is set. Hubby will be grilling the livestock on the the BBQ while I drink and I will ensure there is something to satisfy every dietary restriction- gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian - and guilty pleasure - chocoholic fixes, seafood and wine -- lots of wine.

All kidding aside, it is fun to look forward to all of the pomp and tradition that comes with these milestone events. My little one has grown into a woman and time is marching on. Things that were once mysteries to me -- what kind of woman she would become; if she would marry, and if so, what kind of person she would  choose - are now being revealed. Life is truly a wondrous adventure serving up the predictable and the unimaginable, and the whole time reminding us what it means to live.

Life is good, and for that I am truly grateful.

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  1. Great post, wonderful tradition! Lucky Harm to have such a large clan :)


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