Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Pixels

It was the warmest, sunniest Thanksgiving I could remember. No typical sweater weather here, in fact thoughts of air conditioning danced in my head. Having the oven on all day added to the tropical feel inside but I still lit my pumpkin candles.

There were people missing at the table .. a few of my sibs and kids and for the first time ever, my dad and step-mom. And despite the absences, there were no empty seats at the table. We had grandparents that don't usually come and of course we had our beloved Doris who at 94 makes us all look old for our age.

It's all about traditions: the same turnips get cooked even though only half of us like them; the stuffing is made exactly the same way; flour in the homemade gravy; homemade cranberries, turkey of course; the fall fair; and most importantly, time with our family.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, get ready for a few "grand" visuals of our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend:

Mile high brownie pie

Gluten-free apple cranberry cake

Oh the pies we could make!
Greedy little pigs!

Hanibal Lecter sheep

My kind of race.


  1. Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving.. sounds marvellous, and glad you enjoyed the preparations just as much as the event! Beautiful autumn colours, and that mile high brownie creation looks incredible..

  2. with my own thanksgiving and similiar traditions coming up, this was a joy to puruse, lynn. flour in my gravy too :^)

    one thing though: what's with that poor sheep? that covering looks uncomfortable and restrictive and unfair. :^(



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