Monday, October 31, 2011

Tribe Time

Kitchen chatter
Friday night was a historical one - at least for our family, and for several reasons. It was the first time the parents of my daughter and her fiancee met, and it was the first time that all my husbands - exes and present - were together in celebration, in one room. My future son-in-law has an extended family as well and he was proudly represented by his mom and step-dad, and his father. It sounds complicated, however it was a relaxing family mosaic of diverse personalities and relationships bound together by the abiding love for the young couple.

We nibbled, drank, laughed, teased and debated around our dining room table. We exchanged memories, and ideas, and frivolity and joy reigned supreme on the beaming faces that lined the perimeter.

There was consensus - we all liked one another! I think even the dog liked everyone or at least no one got bitten. Life serves up some pretty tough challenges and lessons and sometimes, when it all comes together so easily, it is reason to rejoice and hold tight these gems. They are off to a fine start!

Harmony and her beloved are fortunate; they are anchored by a council of wise elders ha! and have a large, loving tribe to support them in their journey. They are loved by many, and now, with the tribe expanding to encompass even more, so are we all!

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  1. Love certainly makes the world go round ... and with your 'tribe', the world will be happily ever-revolving. Kudos!


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