Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Lives On

You were close by today; I could hear your voice telling me to slow down and drive carefully in the rain; and memories of you and your laughter wove in and around moments in my day. It was after all, the anniversary of your birth. I try to conjure a picture of you at 72, but that won't be necessary. You were spared any ravages of aging and your spirit is forever young. I still miss you as much as I did that night when you left us. But my longing for you is a strange brew of comfort; the little space of empty - a reminder of the exceptional mother who used to fill it.

Happy birthday Mom. Your love lives on.

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  1. oh lyn. i am not ready to face it, so i conviently don't. busy busy don't think. but i know i need to, so thank you for the reminder.

    your mom looks like she was lovely. i'm sure she is proud of you.

    xoxo lori


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