Saturday, November 5, 2011


Our fantastically ferocious frenzied fearless Fritz is not one to be bullied by bigger animals ... so when he so brazenly confronted a HUGE skunk in our yard to let him know who was boss - Fritz was left in a haze of the most vile odour imaginable. Unfortunately it happened right at bedtime; fortunately it was after everyone had gone home after the parents "meat and greet" party. Of course the first thing our distressed little schnauzer did once inside was race around the perimeter of the family room rubbing his furry dogface along the couch skirt as he did. It was overpowering; nauseating; there are not enough words to describe the stench! Hubby grabbed Fritz and tossed him into the shower to douse him down with some chemically enhanced fragrant shampoo while I ran around the house wildly spraying Febreze.

Just as we settled into the trace skunk smell in our home and got the scent under control the speakable -- he got sprayed again. Yup! He's an overachiever our little furbag and couldn't leave it as a one-off. He had to prove that it was no fluke - it could happen again twice in three days! Hubby repeated the shower drill and I exhausted my can of Febreze. This time around though, the skunk odour is lingering here, there, and everywhere - and on everyone.

My shining moment came when my cubemates at work gave me the sniff test - and their wrinkled noses and looks of pity told me I failed. Horrors! My workplace is scent-free and I was anything but. My colleague emailed me this nifty webstie: Get Smell Out. I rummaged through my desk looking for something to spray myself with ... an old can of hairspray had to suffice. Anything is better than skunk!

So today I tackled my house with renewed vigilance. The windows were open wide and I took my bedding right down to the mattress cover to be bleached and washed. Everything is being washed and deodorized, including me.

A lady I met on my dog walk warned me that the smell would probably linger for 6 months or so.  And that was the kind of week it was; skunkworks and something to smell about.

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  1. Ugh! Vixen was sprayed by a skunk the week before we left for NM and that was in mid-September...and there is still a lingering skunk odor about her (especially when she's wet) despite the baths, the sponging off with hydrogen peroxide mixture...
    It gave both J and I a horrible headache the day after it happened.
    Twice in three days though, that's rough!


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