Sunday, December 4, 2011

Power Surge

I didn't want to become someone who whines about growing older and bemoans the horrors of menopause. I've accepted the fact that changes are inevitable and chosen to embrace each and every affliction with grace and dignity. But can I tell you "oh what fun it is" to Christmas shop in an indoor mall with "power surges" spiking randomly? Unzip goes the coat as I frantically tear away every piece of clothing that is legally permissible. I reluctantly stop at my skin but that would do too if I could swing it!

Man alive! It makes excursions tricky. Flaming face, hot body (not the cool hot), and a bunch of other stuff that no one tells you about. But I am counting on this as a temporary state of being, and banking on the "pause" part of menopause. Until then -- I'm going to harness my inner power surges and let them fuel my passion for life. Onward and upwards! 

Merry Men-0h-pause!


  1. This painted such an image... still chuckling, but not at you. You will manage this with your usual humour and energy :)
    I'm glad that your dad is on the mend and I hope all is well there.

  2. Maybe you are burning extra calories off? It's possible, right???


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