Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

Winter has a dry sense of humour arriving on Friday the 13th - hours after I posted a woeful poem about missing winter. It snowed today ... like frosting on a cake, concealing the ice sheets that lay beneath. The wind howled and drove mini snow funnels across the hood of the car, making the drive to work treacherous and tedious. Well it would have been tedious if not for my new Zune loaded with my favourite tunes ... John Denver, Adele, and I sang my way to work. I arrived happy, on time and a little windswept with a hot cup of Tim Hortons in hand.

So Winter ... you've made quite an entrance, arriving fashionably late and a little obnoxiously.   But I am a gracious host and so I say - welcome! Now where are my mittens??

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