Monday, January 9, 2012

On Top of Things

I am starting this glorious new year off on the right foot - on top of things. I pushed a little harder to make my work deadlines to stay ahead of the curve and prevent stressful bottlenecks. I took a healthy lunch to work and hit the gym -- have to try to reverse the concave butt the extensive time in my chair is imposing. I packed up my desk, washed my coffee cup, wiped down all of the flat surfaces in my workstations with fresh smelling disinfectant and left the office at a decent hour.

When I got home (stomach growing ferociously thanks to my workout) I sliced up a lean steak and threw it into a pan with onions, fresh ginger, garlic, red and yellow peppers, a few baby potatoes and broccoli. A dash of mango juice (holiday leftover) for flavour, some crushed chilies for heat, and ten minutes later I had a healthy, satisfying dinner. I scrubbed the kitchen down until it glistened and then hit the couch to reclaim my "potato" status. I got hubby to show me (AGAIN) how to use our Wii to connect to Netflix and then watched a documentary entitled God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan. I expected to be moved but I didn't expect the film to be such an eye-opener with respect to our North American culture and values. It was like a mirror being held up to our society ... and it was a little sad. I found myself thinking more than once that the Kenyan refugee camp offered them more than the fast paced, commercialized, unfriendly western society. Bottom line: it was a wonderfully satisfying film and an extraordinary story.

I feel good tonight. Fritz is making like a nice dog and sleeping on my feet and the twinges in my butt tell me I am on the right track for better health. And that is my goal: a more active, balanced, healthy life, with time to nurture relationships.

So hang on 2012 - 'cause I am out to conquer you!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that dinner sounds good! I rarely make red meats at home (not sure why), but I might have to pick up some steak to try it out.

    I'll have to try and find the documentary as well.

    Happy New Year, Lyn!

    PS -- I love the new blog look! Very sleek. ;)


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