Monday, January 30, 2012

Up and Downs

I had the night of a thousand dreams that kept me entangled until 6:10 am this morning. The blurry green numbers on my clock radio screamed the bad news -- I had slept in past my 5:30 get up time. And that is how my day started. not good.

I wasn't late for work despite the time I took to chisel the ice off my car - upside. When I turned on my cell phone I got a red screen that warned me I had to reboot back to factory settings, which I did - only to get a big triangle and exclamation mark! not good. I took the battery out, kissed it for luck and it paid off - cell phone resuscitated. upside.

Just in case I didn't get the message, one more kick in the butt was in order; my work computer was seized by the "anti-virus" virus within 10 minutes of logging on. really not good. But they were able to get me set up on another computer while they restored my machine. upside

And so my day went ... ups and downs all day long. It was comical, really. Obviously there was something I was supposed to be learning, and there was a great deal of effort to make sure I got the message. Was it a reminder to go with the flow; to not overact to trials and tribulations - that the pendulum swings back every time; or was it just to make me appreciate the days that go smoothly? I check "all of the above". I don't have too many bad days, and I can't even slot today into that category. So I can't complain but I can laugh it off and know that tomorrow is bound to be better. And for starters, I'm off to bed so I won't sleep in!

I got the message.


  1. I'd check "all the above", too. haha
    I've had days like that too, where honestly, all I could do was laugh...after I'd gotten all frustrated of course. For example, there have been several times where I was running late to work and I no kidding hit every single red light on my street before getting to the highway. And I remember when I lived in this particular area, the one strip that lead me to the highway had 10 lights on it and I almost never caught them! This day, I caught every one and it was incredibly setting my face on fire with anger. But by the 6th one, I laughed and said, "Okay. I'll just slow it down and get there when I'm suppose to."

  2. DIH,
    The below quote certainly applies to your Up and Down Monday:

    "Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness."

    And - NO MATTER WHAT - you always find the happiness in everything!


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