Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Nights

Friday nights are delicious; best consumed slowly, leisurely in small bites to make them last. It is the end of the week; the beginning of the weekend. Time to exhale and just be for a few hours before facing "must do's". It's a seemingly unproductive evening but frankly, I'm spent and it's enough just to wrestle these power surges - sweater on - sweater off - sweat -  cold - sweat.

It's been a great week - there were many gifts: impromptu dinner with sis at Dad and T's (homemade stew and date squares), new job for daughter (one she's been wanting), lunch at the gym three times this week,  two more pound  gained (and it darn well better be muscle!), more followers for Soul Snax (now one shy of this blog), weekly giving sorted out (blog post to follow),  bonding with Kidlet over Stephen Lewis and feminism, a quarrel and make up, snuggles from hubby, and laughter at work.

With Fritz in my lap, my hair piled on top of my head, bleary eyed as I type this post, I have a famjam to look forward to this weekend. Kidlet is having a birthday. So I see potato leek soup and mashed potatoes (her favourites) in my near future.

So I've managed to stretch out my Friday night into an oasis of peace, donning a cloak of calm, shedding the rest like dirty laundry. The weekend awaits! Hope yours is delicious!

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