Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebration, Attitude, and Gratitude

I had a great day! It started off a little precariously when the power went out at 6:30 this morning -  after my shower thankfully. I had grand plans to make the most of my day off with an early, productive start so reading by candlelight wasn't exactly what I had in mind. When the power finally came on 110 pages later, I heard the washer and coffee maker start on queue, just as I had set up.

I have been struggling lately with an ailing shoulder (thus the blogging cut-back) and generally feeling lethargic and crummy. After a much needed attitude adjustment, I ditched the pity party and charted a plan for my health and well-being. The result - a great night's sleep and a revitalised outlook. In a nutshell, I woke up on the right side of the bed!

I met the day like a whirling dervish and did four loads of laundry, scrubbed the bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, connected with my MIH, and stopped off to buy flowers for my hubby's grandmother's 91st birthday - ALL before meeting my MIH for lunch.

We had a great catch-up before we headed over to the birthday party, which was held at the long term care residence our grandmother lives in. She is blind and immobile and tends to slip back into German, her native language, when she is in a crowd. Although she couldn't see the family who had congregated for her special day, she could feel their love with every hug and hand hold.

After a humongous helping of strawberry, banana vanilla cake and a few hours of family time, we bade her a fond farewell and left her to rest in her room of stuffed animals and flowers. I couldn't help but marvel at the longevity of her life. For someone who survived incredible hardships and health problems, she managed to live out a full life.

Hubby and I took Fritz for his evening stroll through the forest and this time I went armed with my good camera, determined to capture the emerging colours that are signalling the wonder that is to come.

I just drained the last few drops of wine from my glass, Fritz is asleep on my feet and I can't help but feel contented. Life is good. Actually, it's great. And that is yet another reason to celebrate.

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  1. So your husband`s family (and also his Oma?) is from Hamburg? Next time you visit her, if you still can, then greet her with our old Hamburg greeting, saying "Hummel, Hummel" (pronounced like in put, not but), and then she will answer
    "Mors, Mors!" (By that you can verify you are a real "hamburger")
    I like your attitude of thankfulness in spite of any hardships we have. Yes, it IS a good life, I think so too. And even better with our friends from the internet!


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