Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Alive!

I'm alive - and I have the birthday to prove it! And I am not just alive - I am really living.

I don't have a favourite age -- I have enjoyed each and every one, and usually the age that I am living becomes my favourite. Now that doesn't mean I enjoy finding random hairs growing where they ought not to -- or reading those Maxine cards about droopy boobs and then looking w-a-y- down to see my own. I get frustrated that I can't remember the name of my grade one teacher, and by the fact that my keys keep wandering off; and that with this aging business I am are more "bold" than "beautiful"; and without mascara, my eyes disappear. Hey - there are parts of aging that are no picnic.

But there is more good than bad, starting with the fact that it's a privilege to age (and it beats the alternative). My surging hormones may have left my bone density depleted, but I've never had so much hair (yes- on my head!) and so much body (I am talking about my hair here). I feel great in my blazing rosacea-ridden skin, and I take comfort in knowing that I am a much better person than I was 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. I have chosen to be changed by my life experiences and learned that I am stronger and braver than I  knew; and that life is more meaningful when shared with the ones I love. And I still have much to learn.

And so on this birthday, I can only give thanks for that which has been, and be hopeful for more time to evolve into the best possible version of myself. All I know for certain is that right now, at this moment, I'm alive!

The Never-ending Birthday
Traditional dinner - Three Amigas
Birthday-eve dinner with my MIH and pop-in-law
Soul sisters who love veal parmesan

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