Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pain and Pride

The week was fully devoured.
It's been a while.

This arm and shoulder of mine, the pain in which had me fantasizing about amputation, has been keeping me busy with physiotherapy and massage. The therapists at the torture chamber clinic are full of energy, enthusiasm and sweetness and they have hands that work magic and provide relief. As I lay face down with my face mashed into the crisp linen of the massage table, having my shoulder worked over like pizza dough, trying to suppress the spontaneous giggles that erupt when she presses my "laughing buttons", I can't help but feel like a pre-owned vehicle whose miles are beginning to show. I have work to do - things that involve broom handles and pulleys - but I know that the day will come when I am pain free and ready to rumble. In the meantime I search for the lessons to be learned and am, if nothing else, humbled and grateful for my health insurance!
Director daughter explaining the White Ribbon Campaign
The week was not all about pain; it delivered a healthy dose of pride too. My daughter Harmony produced and directed her first production for VDay: A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer. It was a fundraiser for the White Ribbon Campaign to help end violence against women. The whole tribe turned out to the funky little cabaret venue smack dab in the city's gay area. I helped myself to the extra strength condoms from the jar in the bathroom -- just kidding -- I just photographed them as I commended the efforts to thwart the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As directed by my bossy director daughter, my sister and I sat in the vacant front row - to give the actors someone to play off. Each monologue was delivered with the kind of passion and authenticity that makes you squirm uncomfortably in your seat while your eyes stay locked on the performance unraveling just a few feet away. Violence and rape are disturbing topics and the play tackled them both with raw honesty. As Harmony took to the stage to emotionally explain the WRC and thank everyone for turning out, I could feel mama's pride welling up inside me.

And my wish is the same for each of those wondrous spirits - my girls: that they may cultivate joy in their lives and find their passion and purpose.

It was a full week, and I devoured every morsel and crumb. Next post: how to walk off those extra crumbs and pounds!
Bathroom freebies - I'm all for prevention.
Moving monologue delivered tears.

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  1. Lyn, I've missed some of your posts and have been meaning to spend a few hours to read and catch up for weeks now (honest to God). I am sorry to hear about your arm and shoulder pains. :( But like you said, it's life and I know I'll experience my own pre-owned vehicle pains someday. I just pray that your pain disappears and your can get back to feeling like yourself.
    As far as your daughter Harmony, Wow! I can only imagine what a proud mommy you are! Seeing her up on that stage and preaching about something worth preaching about has got to be extremely moving. I'd be proud, too. :)
    I hope this week is full of sweetness for you to devour as well.


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