Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peace of Easter

It's Easter Sunday! And lucky for us, each important holiday involves us spending time with both sides of our family. After hosting our Friday famjam, we headed to hubby's parents' place for a home cooked turkey and more laughs. It's a bitter sweet time for my MIH (no "in-law" for me) who is watching her ninety-nine year old mom withdraw into herself and slowly succumb to the final ravages of Alzheimer's. But she put on her brave face and chose to enjoy the love that was before her. It's been a wonderful weekend - as predicted - and the greatest overarching emotion that I have is that of gratitude.  Thought I would share a few images of our day (dominated by the furry, four pawed family members). 
Me and my MIH

Sammy the lazy kitty

The regal Mr Tibbs


  1. Lyn..tell Shirl she has to put those pets on a diet. Nice pictures. Sounds like a nice Easter.

  2. LOL! Shirl says the pets are dutifully/enjoyably following her lead! Once I get on that magic diet, they just might also follow. Nice to hear from you....

  3. I love the pictures. You look beautiful; you both do. And those pets! Oh, I love me some kitties and puppies :)


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