Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Traction

It hurts so good! I could barely suppress my giggle-fit as I lay on the massage table, my head clamped into the electronic traction device gently having my skull firmly pulled off my spine. "Let me know if it gets too uncomfortable" she said. What constitutes "too uncomfortable", I wondered. Funny enough a pebbly path of a little pain and discomfort led to great relief.

As the massage therapist dug her hands into my shoulder socket, working out knots that I didn't know I had, I focused on breathing through her tough love, knowing how good I would feel when the heating pad would signal she was finally finished.

And of course, true to expectation, I left the therapy in less pain and with more range of movement than I arrived with. And really, isn't that true with most things in life? Often we have to traverse a journey of pain to get to the good stuff that awaits on the other side - the peace, joy, love. Yup - hurts so good.

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