Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

My skin is noticeably soft after a dip in the lake, and my hair puffs to twice its volume. It’s remarkable the difference fresh water devoid of chlorine and other chemicals can make. 

The lake is teeming with life, both of the animal and plant variety, all of which have made an appearance this weekend. Muskrats were laughing - as only they can - from the cove beside the dock; fish jumped out of the water trying to escape the patrolling snapping turtle; and ravens, hawks and the falcon soared overhead.

A dockside Muskoka chair is the perfect vantage point for Canada Day; inhaling nature, being lulled into relaxation by lapping of the water. Add family to the mix and the day moved beyond perfect, to memorable.

A memorable, perfect day at the cottage with moist chocolate cake shaped like the Canadian flag. It doesn’t get any better than that …. Oh Canada!
Eat cake!
Good-byes at day's end.

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  1. happy canada day (belated) to you lyn, how beautiful it is there. i love that feeling of lake swimming, must be soft water?


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