Monday, July 30, 2012

Cottage Notes

Everything seems possible when you have time to think, let your mind wander and your creativity bubble; when you immerse yourself in nature and live by the natural rhythm rather than the clock. You notice the small things; the insignificant becomes significant. Like the ant I have been studying for the past fifteen minutes that has been bustling back and forth on the railing of our deck, each time carrying a load that I am sure rivals his own weight. A new spider web has sprung up overnight… and she is still settling into her new digs.

When we are here at our cottage sequestered from the constant hum of daily life, instant accessibility, and the demand to multi-task, life slows down and the days get longer. Each day is a day thoughtfully spent, and spent deep in thought. As I write this from our tree house –like deck overlooking the stillness of the lake, I am serenaded by the deep buzzing sound of the hummingbird (who is disappointed that the feeder is empty), the clucking of the red squirrel who is teasing Fritz and the song of the chickadee. I suppose that is what is meant by the term “unwinding”. I am slowly unwinding into myself.

There has been little rain this summer and sadly it is showing in the forest. Not only are things wilting, the leaves on some trees are dead, brown and brittle and falling from the trees. The forest seems depressed.

Here are a few shots from our cottage:
Water is so low
Smile hubby!

Bottle of death - my improvised wasp catcher (and yes I am ashamed)
Reminding our Florida cuz of her Canadian roots!
Kidlet made a surprise visit
It looks more like fall than summer with dead leaves

Eagle very far off


  1. great photos lyn, it's so nice to have those group shots, but especially the ones of you and hubby and your darling girl.
    and the lake cottage! wow.

  2. sigh .... sigh .... sigh ..... missing all that 'peacefulness and natural rhythm' you so eloquently talk about -- as I toil at work amidst the 'constant hum of daily life'. Hoping you're both soaking in each precious day of vacation time. Tick/tock - we'll see you soon back here in the city!


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