Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer... So Far

The hot, humid heat spell has broken and the morning air had a cool freshness about it; a great start to the day. My eldest daughter and her furbaby (my grandson???) have been camped out at our place for the past few days to soak up the air conditioning, so the house has had more energy in it than usual. I swear my daughter's puppy is part rabbit or flying squirrel; he spends much of his time airborne, hurdling through the air before landing on your lap (if you are lucky), or your laptop (if you aren't). Fritz has oscillated from delight at having a partner in crime, to grumpy agitation at having to share his toys, human, house...

Sadly as expected, the summer is whipping by at an atrocious pace, and we are more than half way through it already. We've done our best to cram alot of memory-making into our weekends, and most of it has revolved around our time with our families. We skipped the cottage this past weekend and celebrated my step-mom's birthday and then headed the next day to see hubby's parents and their recovering furbaby. Lots of family time! There is something comforting about sitting around with family, catching up,  terrorizing teasing one another, eating delicious food and sipping something cold. It's relaxing. 

And at the end of the weekend, I feel peaceful and grounded, and most importantly, grateful for this life that is mine. 

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