Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summertime Snaps

It's summertime - cottage time! Weekends are spent at the cottage,  three hours and a whole world away from the compression, repression and frenetic pace of city life.  Every weekend has been glorious with sunshine and heat - and nature has not disappointed with a veritable parade of birds and animals. Hubby and I cherish our precious few days of respite at our cosy little cabin nestled on the leafy ridge with our million dollar view of the lake. My sister made the trek and spent some time with us dockside and taking refreshing dips in the lake. We had front row seats to the red squirrel invasion, the mink swim-by, and the air show compliments of the golden eagle, falcon, blue herons, cranes, and of course, the beloved loons. I tried to commune with the loon that was lingering a few yards away with my attempt at a loon call. I would call in the best loon voice I could muster - and he would take a deep dive and disappear for minutes at a time. Not a shred of acknowledgement from an obviously lonely loon. (I am talking about the bird here...)

At the risk of repeating myself, have I mentioned that I love all things about the lake; that I love the minuscule fridge that barely holds a two day supply of wine, water and whatever; that I revere the decrepit deck that wraps around the cottage, even though it leans and bends away from the building; that I have become attached to the quirks and irks of a poorly erected but much loved cedar sided haven; that I count on the nightly visits from the masked bandits; and even the shrilly strains from the bagpiper across the way have grown on me?

I thought I would share a few captures ...
Looks like the chairs are having a work out!
Fritz loves my sister -- and her wine!
Everything tastes better at the lake

Our bathroom window dwellers

Our bossy red squirrel
Not a bird - at the bird feeder
The chipmunks felt neglected thanks to the squirrel


  1. Lyn..good pictures. Lovely scenery and friend to keep you company. I knew you would have a great time together. Polar Bear

  2. I love everything about your lake too! Makes me want a lake house!


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