Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reflections from a Paddle

The day is done. Gone is  the sun; and breezes on the water give way to perfect stillness. Thus  is a summer’s eve on the lake. The call of the loon beckons and so does the red canoe. Hubby and I don our life jackets for a final paddle around the lake, to usher out another blessed day and welcome the tranquility of calm waters.

Some shots from our evening canoe ride:

Fritz loves a canoe ride

Day is done

Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Bouquet

These flowers reflect my mood -- an unlikely variety of blooms, petal-less sunflowers, teardrops of lavender, and spiky filler - unusual and beautiful.  It's been a frantic few weeks loaded with family, activity, stress, joy, and a whole other bouquet of of emotion. And now things are settling down...

We celebrated hubby's birthday on the weekend at the cottage - his favourite place to be. He sat on the deck with the priceless vista feeding the chickadees from his hand, his face relaxed into an easy smile, the kind that sneaks in when he unaware and content. He is my Dr Doolittle, happiest most when he is among animals and birds. He enjoys an easy communion with all things furry and feathered. The ducks seek out his companionship (and that was before he started feeding them); the falcon still gives him a fly by occasionally; and the red squirrels and chipmunks follow him about the property and kept him company while he painted the bunkie.

Hubby is shy and unassuming - socially uncomfortable - and doesn't like me posting pictures of him or mentioning him in my blog without his permission. However I hope he will cut me some slack when he learns that I posted a birthday greeting for him here ...

Happy birthday to the sweet man I cherish and adore; who makes me want to be the best possible version of myself; and whose dreams I want to help, more than ever, come true. Happy birthday to my love; ever thine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The night before Harmony's wedding was girl time. I blew the dust off a bottle of red for little sis and she presented me with a chilled bottle of white. Sisterly love. Then we were ready to work! slurp, sip and tie. We sat around the dining room table (literally) tying up loose ends. Harmony had asked people to bring along a favourite recipe to her bridal shower. Then she and her beloved combined them with art they created, and bundled them with homemade lavender sachets as thank you favours.

My three daughters and my sister and I spent the evening happily chatting as we worked. Kidlet was wired and provided colour commentary and distractions. (Thus the crazy staged photos.) She disappeared and we found her stretched out on her bed with the lights on - sleeping as she did as a child, with her eyelids partially open. creepy then - creepy now

We were all tired after a long day of last-minute shopping and beauty treatments; but were in the home stretch with the wrapping of the favours and the finalizing of the seating map. We loaded laundry baskets with the bolts of burlap for table runners; the paint cans of candy; extra clothes and shoes; candles; bulletin boards and seating charts; favours and kiddie bags to have them ready by the door.

By eleven-thirty Harmony and I said good-night and wished one another a good sleep, and she headed to the spare room to call her beloved. I lay back on my pillow - spent - and grateful for the plushness and kindness of my mattress. And then the slide show started--  and repeated over and over again -- images of my positive pregnancy test; her wrinkled face as they pulled her from me; her blonde pig tails bouncing as she pranced; the sound of her singing to herself in bed; her school performance of "Clowns"; her directorial debut; her first piercing; her shaved head; the day we moved her out to university; her performance in the Vagina Monologues; and a continuous looping of many other dusty images. Everything that went before, led us to this important milestone. And it all happened in a blink of an eye.

Just as it would seem that I am about to plunge us into somber reflection, I look at these silly pictures and shake my head. Kidlet is doing her best impression of Jack from The Shining and tossed in amongst the intensity and focus of all things wedding prep, it made for quite an evening. See for yourself...

Harmony's artwork

Kidlet was giddy beyond belief and did her best to terrorize the blushing bride.

I think this was the final straw...

And so went the wedding prep!

Monday, August 13, 2012


The clouds parted and the rain dispersed just in time for us to wipe off the chairs so Harmony and her beloved could be married in the lush, green forest - the most sacred cathedral of all. With a dad on each arm, she followed her sisters down the well trodden path to her groom, who waited beneath the chuppah he had made from branches to honour her Jewish heritage.

It was a special day and as understated as it sounds, that is exactly what it was. Our ever-expanding tribe convened beneath the trees to support our young couple in their marriage and celebrate that which is the glory and joy of family. There were reunions, hugs, kisses and introductions. There were blessings, speeches, tears, applause and good wishes. Most importantly, my daughter and her new husband were cocooned the entire day and evening in love.

I'll share a few pictures (but only a few because she hasn't even seen them yet) and my wishes for the newlyweds.
My wishes  for you in your life as a married couple: 
That the love you have for one another will sustain you and grow with each passing year;
You will be the soft place to fall for one another;
That you will have more joy than pain; but when the winds of adversity breeze through, you will seek the lessons, and your bond will be strengthened
Most importantly, my deepest wish  is that you will hold the hand of your beloved, wrinkled and weathered with time and experience; and you will have the privilege of growing old together.
And even though times like this remind us of those whose presence is in spirit only, they also remind us that life is good, and made more purposeful with love.
Privilege helping Harmony into her dress


Flower girls and their adorable sandals
Under the homemade chuppah

Nature's sacred cathedral

Couldn't resist getting my own captures!