Sunday, October 21, 2012

Throne Drone

Yup - this is was our bedroom
The drip had been constant for the past month; the leak - a stubborn one - resistant to a variety of new hardware. What to do about it? Why, replace the toilet with the new porcelain throne  that starred this summer in our cottage adventures in toilet replacement. The gleaming, water efficient toilet was an inch too deep (discovered only after securing the base and trying to mount the tank). Thus it was returned to its packaging and retired to our basement, only to be resurrected this weekend with high hopes.

Alas, it was not to be. An inch once again came between a happy hubby installation and the wall. The bedroom started looking like a graveyard for wayward toilets. We made a desperate dash to our neighbourhood Home Depot for a quick solution. The sales clerk's sympathetic head shaking did little to assuage our  anxiety. He warned us there wasn't anything in stock that would be a good fit. Not to be deterred, hubby and I examined every floor model for a "slim fit" and took our chances on a sporty new model with the dual flush feature. With fingers crossed hubby loaded the 90 pounds of porcelain glory into the car.

I stayed out of his way as he performed an encore installation. As he neared the moment of mounting the tank for a final fit, I crossed myself, genuflected and prayed to my Higher Power for divine intervention. It was too close for comfort - but it fit! The masterpiece was installed, the throne restored,  and we all lived happily ever after - that is, after we flipped for the privilege to be first to sit upon it!

So tonight we will sleep in quiet, devoid of drips, and wake up to a beautiful new toilet. Lucky us. And for that I am truly grateful.

Parts for the easy installation

You can pick a "lite" or bigger flush

Isn't she lovely? Easy on the knees as well as the eyes!

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