Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ahead of the Curve

Goal: To avoid any form of negativity during the holiday season, including usage of terms such as "stressed out" and "have to get", and other general complaining; to fully embrace the joys of the season, with the lions share involving spending time with loved ones.

My mission - should I choose to accept it: Start Christmas shopping early and wrap it all up (with a big shiny bow) by Dec 9th so I can shift my focus from purchasing, to visiting and baking - the  things that make the festive season really special.

Status: 50 shades of awesomeness! I am more than 75% completed and am on target to complete the mission successfully. All without  [hardly] swearing at all...

Intentions: share, love, express, give

I feel lucky! Let me correct that statement... I AM lucky. I am experiencing a heavy dose of the boomerang effect. The more I try to give away, the more good fortune randomly comes back to me. It is not mine to question - but my heart is full to overflowing with gratitude and I go off to sleep even more inspired to toss the boomerang even more.  But for now, I am ahead of the curve/

thank you...

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