Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Reminder...

I've had a nasty pain in my head that has been kicking my @ss since Friday. It's a persistent devil and despite taking Motrin, Gravol, Alleve - it's clinging to me like my undersized tee shirt. I can't help feeling that I have wasted two glorious, spring-like days with my head buried in a pillow.

So as not to have the weekend be in vain, my take away is a reminder that health is the all important foundation without which, life is not able to be fully enjoyed. I am fortunate in that generally I am in good health and I don't experience too many sick days, so good health is mine to appreciate. And I do.

Tomorrow is all things "medical" with lots of appointments to check my mileage and make sure everything is in good working order. And as I stand clinging to a machine with my boobs in a vice, I will remember to repeat the mantra, "I am so lucky to have my health".

Hope your weekend was a good one.

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