Sunday, January 6, 2013


Kidlet says my blog is boring now that I don't write about her (she is living at university). Maybe she's right... she was an endless source of material.

I don't think I had quite caught on that she's moved out, and will probably never live here again.

For the longest time I was still buying the foods she used to like and shopping in bulk, as I'd done for years when I had a houseful. I liked to keep the door to her bedroom open (especially after I cleaned it) as a reminder of her charming personality and Fritz liked to cuddle on her bed. Actually I think he prefers and misses her old smelly hockey equipment. That - I do not miss.

And now the house is a little lot quieter and the peanut butter lasts longer. A bag of milk sits in the fridge for a week and I've taken to freezing the bread, using a few slices at a time. I can get the week's laundry done in 2 rather than 4 loads and the front hallway is devoid of her mammoth stinky hockey bag, knapsack, and random collection of shoes, boots, coats and clutter. And yet I miss her; and the days of when all of the bedrooms were occupied by my gaggle of girls.

But there is much to look forward to as time marches on - or so I keep telling myself. The trick is to embrace the now and future possibilities while cherishing that which has already been. And somewhere in there, seek out the interesting to blog about!

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